& Gastronomy

Tavern-ouzeri (fish tavern) “Faros and its balconies”:
It is located in the entrance of the Abovos beach, on a natural rig with a panoramic view of the sea where the sunset is enchanting. From noon till late at night the visitors can taste a wide variety of traditional dishes including fresh fish and other exquisite delicacies and drink wine or ouzo.
Contact info: 24230-33253.

“Marabu” restaurant:
It is situated in Abovos beach with high quality homemade food. Here one can try fresh spaghetti with prawns, nicely cooked stuffed vegetables, coq au vin, spentzofai and homemade pies in a pleasant environment. It also operates as a bar from morning serving coffee till late at night serving drinks, beer and wine.
Contact info: 24230-33402 & 6944292450.

Café-Restaurant “Zorbas”:
It offers greek cuisine right next to the coast which includes fresh seafood, different kinds of meat and local dishes. The friendly staff is ready to serve you.
Contact info: 24230-33367

Café-Restaurant “Pame plateia”:
It is located in the pebbled square of the village for those who wish to dine or drink coffee in an atmosphere where the architecture of Pelion is dominant.
Contact info: 24230-33367.

Bar- Restaurant “Six Keys”:
Located in Kallifteri beach, it is open from morning till night. In the morning you can drink your coffee along with a tasty breakfast and at night you can dine on white linen table cloths right there on the sand. Its cuisine and the creative proposals appeal to the fine dining lovers and bear the signature of a highly acclaimed team of chefs. You will be surprised by the imaginative cocktails and desserts.
Contact info: 24230-33720, 24230-33721 & 210-7510087.

Restaurant “Karavia Lux Inn”:
t is amphitheatrically built on the top of the slope where the village of Afissos can be found and you will be enchanted by it if you select it either for lunch or supper. It offers a variety of special freshly cooked mediterranean recipes based on the local products. The beer and wine match perfectly the unique flavors but the visitor can even enjoy the traditional tsipouro accompanied by tasty delicacies.
CContact info: 24230-33722.

All day
Cafe & Bars

You can enjoy a well-made cup of coffee at any time during the day and you can even taste homemade cold or hot dishes such as omelets, crepes, toasts, pizza and cold cuts and cheese plateaus. You can even taste fresh ice-cream here. On your night out choose one of the many cool cocktails on the menu which you can relish under the starry summer night. It is on the entrance of the village right next to the harbor.
Contact info: 6974125659.

It can be found in the center of Afissos and addresses to those who love rock music. It serves coffee and all kinds of beverages in the morning and it constitutes an alternative option for those who want to have their drinks next to the sea at night. If you crave for something sweet or an ice-cream, the Oasis café can satisfy your appetite
Contact info: 24230-33018.

The visitors can find it as they enter the village right next to the harbor. It is open from afternoon till night if you feel like having something sweet. Taste the fresh chocolate fournou pastry, the freshly made donuts or fresh ice-cream


Along the beach of Abovos one can find many organized beach bars which operate from morning till sunset. Spend your time on the beach in one of them and enjoy your cup of coffee or drink.

On Lagoudi beach swimmers can be served by the friendly staff of a tranquil beach bar.

If you choose Kallifteri, then “6 keys” will whet your appetite for games in the sea. Food is also served apart from beverages and drinks.

Cultural Events

Every year the majority of Pelion villages organize several cultural events, festivals, which draw the touristic attention to each of them and give them life during that period. In these festivals local people have the chance to honor the patron saint and the visitors can enjoy local products. During the summer such festivals are very often and can be found in almost every village.

Other kinds of festivals in honor of other events or even local traditional products are also held. In summertime, cultural events which are called ”Argonautica” take place in Afissos. Another one is Tsipouro festival in Katichori, in early June, where a representation of the way tsipouro is prepared is accompanied by traditional music and songs. Tsipouro is served to the visitors. A similar event takes place in late July in Stagiates , the Sausage festival, where the way sausages are made is presented to public and sausages are given to villagers. The cherry festival in Agios Lavrentios, the pear festival in Milies, the Apple festival in Zagora and the chestnut festival in Xourichti are also some of the traditional festivals that highlight the local products in a festive atmosphere with music , dancing and songs.

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